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June 5, 2015

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WATCH INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 ONLINE.A little over ten years ago, Australian filmmakers James Wan and Leigh Whannell arrived in the U.S. with a disturbing twist on the serial killer thriller called Saw, a movie that led to annual Halloween franchise for almost seven years. Following several projects, the pair returned in a major way with haunter hit Insidious, the rousing Toronto premiere of which was followed by a very successful theatrical release and sequel Insidious: Chapter 2. Now, with Wan off on major blockbusters—you may have heard of Furious 7—Whannell takes the directorial reins on this June’s Insidious Chapter 3, alongside writing and playing the role of paranormal investigator “Specs.”

WATCH INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 ONLINE FREE.Lin Shaye is also back as Elise Rainier, the psychic medium called upon by a teenaged Quinn (Stefanie Scott), who’s been experiencing strange occurrences that may be connected to her recently-deceased mother. The film reveals the first case that brought Elise together with the paranormal investigators of Spectral Sightings, Whannell’s Specs and Angus Sampson’s Tucker.

WATCH INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 ONLINE .Fans of the previous movies will be thrilled by how the movie connects to the others as a prequel, but it’s also a strong stand-alone ghost story that’s even scarier than the other films, even if some of the notable weirdness has been dampened.

DOWNLOAD INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 ONLINE FREE.Since I’ve known Leigh for such a long time, going all the way back to the original Saw, our talk is a fairly free-flowing conversation touching on both past and future, as well as other non-Insidious topics, like those persistent rumors that Saw might return.

WATCH INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 ONLINE.Note: There are some minor spoilers in this interview about the previous “Insidious” installments, particularly the fate of one character who plays a key role in Insidious: Chapter 3.

DOWNLOAD INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 ONLINE FREE Shock Till You Drop: You went a different route with this. After the last movie, I half-expected Lin Shaye’s Elise to continue on as a ghost.

WATCH INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 ONLINE.Leigh Whannell: I didn’t want to feature her as a ghost. I wanted the living version of Lin Shaye, so that really dictated the decision to make it a prequel, just needing her to be alive. Unfortunately, we killed her off in the first movie, so there’s no living Lin Shaye to deal with, unless you go back in time.

WATCH INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 ONLINE.Shock: Did you know very early on in the series that Elise would become the central focus, or was that more while making the second movie?

WATCH INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 ONLINE.Whannell: It was very organic. These things happen over time. Maybe there’s a lot of filmmakers out there telling journalists such as yourself that they pre-plan everything and perpetuating this myth of long-form storytelling and pre-planned universes, but I really don’t think it’s like that. I think the majority of people concentrate on one film and then the audience organically takes hold of the things they love and rejects the things they don’t like. We had no idea that Lin Shaye would become this beloved character within the franchise. We just thought she’s a great actress, she’s great for this role, and it sort of grows organically.

WATCH INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 ONLINE.Shock: You’ve set it up so that we see Elise’s first session with Specs and Tucker. Chapter 4-through-whatever can now take place between this and the first movie.

WATCH INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 ONLINE.Whannell: Absolutely, which I wasn’t trying to do but in hindsight, having directed the film, when I look at it, I think that if they are to make any more films, they should take place between this film and the first one. So yeah, I just liked it as a compact story; I liked the beginning, middle and ending of this particular story.

WATCH INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 ONLINE.Shock: You mentioned that while making the first movie, you hadn’t been thinking of other things but when you did the second one, was it more obvious where it should go?

WATCH INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 ONLINE.Whannell: I really didn’t have an idea of where I would go until I was offered the job of writing Insidious 3 and that’s when I decided I wanted to deal with Lin Shaye as the primary character of the film. Of course, her presence dictates going back in time, so all of a sudden I get to create a whole new family. It really was like wiping the slate clean and starting with a whole new bunch of people that we’d never met, a whole new family.

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